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In mid–2000, ESI Inc., a ten–year–old importer of ready–to–assemble furniture, sold mainly to small furniture stores and was virtually unknown beyond its small customer base. Potential customers saw the category as unglamorous and price–driven. Although ESI's line was well–made, well–packaged and well–priced, it included only a handful of especially interesting items and too much beige, unimaginative office furniture.

What we did:

We told them to drop the ESI and call themselves “eurø style,” then gave their marketing materials a look that delivered style worthy of the name. Then we encouraged them to bring their product line and showrooms in line with the look.

Where they are now:

After ten years of little progress, and in a floundering economy, Eurø Style grew 600% in 36 months, and it’s still growing.

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