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The Four Steps

1. Pinning down who should get the message.
Together, we define who actually buys your product and who they ask before they buy. At this stage, we set aside concerns like "demographics." If they're potential buyers, their age, sex, race, income or lifestyle don't matter.

2. Learning how they feel about you and your product category.
Do they like you, remember things you wish they'd forget or never think about you at all? Do they buy your product because it lifts their spirits or because it's a necessity? Do they shop around or buy on impulse?

3. Finding out what they really want.
Sometimes tried and true sales arguments don't address the real reasons why they buy somewhere else. You need to be sure you're talking to them, not at them.

4. Showing them what they already know they want.
It's there in your brand, if you just look for it. Once you isolate it and bring it to the right people, they pay attention and the change begins.

Visit our case studies to see how we've put these principles to the test and how we've been able to help our clients build their brands.

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